Cheshire Foundation Quebec, is a non-profit organization that has served the Quebec region since 1981. Our registration number is 107588378RR0001.

Our services are unique, we provide accessible low cost housing, for physically disabled adults, in a anglophone setting, providing 24 hours of quality health care, moreover, the opportunity in acquiring an independent lifestyle.

Independence means something different to every person! It can mean making the decision to live independently from your family, having the freedom to participate in the work force, attending school, by being involved in recreational activities, or by learning the necessary life skills in day to day functions.

Our Mission
Our mission is to enable people with a physical disability, by empowering them with the opportunity in improving their quality of life. In continuing to help them in maintaining and achieving their desired goals.

Our Mandate
Our mandate is to accept an individual, with a physical disability between the ages of 18-65. Furthermore, who have expressed the desire in continuing to lead a fulfilling and independent lifestyle with choices.

If you're interested in the services we offer, please contact us.

Cheshire Foundation Quebec is an umbrella organization of Leonard Cheshire Disability.

Leonard Cheshire Disability has been in operation since 1948, when Captain Leonard Cheshire, who served as a bomber pilot in World War 2, opened his first home in the UK.

Since then a variety of services such as advocacy of disability rights, permanent residences, rehabilitation programs, day centers, workshops and outreach programs are offered. We are now providing these services in 53 countries world wide with over 250 umbrella organizations.